How David Became Goliath: Israel’s 100 Year War With Palestine

By the beginning of the 20th century, Jews had spread and melded into the world’s main stream, and were suffering the beginning strains of persecution in Europe during World War I that would eventually crescendo in World War II Auschwitz. The 1917 Belfour Agreement, created by England and France in support of establishing a national

The Execution of George Floyd One Year Later

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A Step Towards Justice: Where Do We Go From Here?

Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict provided our nation and community some relief as we approach the first anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. Like the rest of the country, Portland was shaken by Floyd’s killing, and it prompted our city to reexamine policing and systemic racism. In the spirit of collective healing, RACE TALKS invites

Yearning to Breathe Free

Led by the Black Lives Matter Movement, the world rose up in protest of amid a deadly global pandemic after we witnessed the merciless murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police in May 2020. Today, incited by our 45th President’s comments blaming the Chinese for the Coronavirus pandemic, the Asian American and

Women in Cannabis: An Untapped Market

In 2018, RACE TALKS hosted, “Overturning Marijuana Convictions: Equitizing Marijuana Convictions for the Poor and People of Color.” This month, we discuss the new “Green Rush,” and explore the disproportional access that BIPOC have to the cannabis industry, especially Black people who remain incarcerated. The legalization of cannabis in 30+ states, and the impending federal

The Presence and Impact of Trans BIPOC in Societal Uprising & Change

As a group, LGBTQIP2SAA+, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, Pansexual, Two-Spirit (2S), Androgynous and Asexual+, AKA the Rainbow Community, have traditionally been the least understood kinship in the US. However, their activism has led to changes that we are continuing to see with this newly elected administration. The 2020 Presidential debates, November elections,

P’s & Q’s of 2021

(Updated to include event video) RACE TALKS is hosting its 109th forum and 5th month of virtual programming.November’s program is: P’s & Q’s of 2021: What are the next steps for politics and quarantine? Our forum has changed to reflect the current events surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic and racial uprisings happening globally. Through facilitated breakout