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RACE TALKS Community Services

Community Facilitation & Training

RACE TALKS offers facilitation and training workshops at a reduced price for community members. For businesses seeking these services, please view our Business Services.

Become a RACE TALKS Facilitator

In 2018, RACE TALKS piloted its RACE TALKS Facilitator Training program. An important part of sustaining our community impact is by training youth facilitators, ages 17-24, who are the next generation of community activists. So many BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) are asked to be DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) ambassadors for their predominantly white organizations organizations, but are not formally compensated for doing this extra emotional labor.  Through our training model we offer a unique skill set that incorporates facilitation, mediation, and conflict resolution. All of our facilitators undergo an initial 21-hour training followed by 100 hours of facilitation. RACE TALKS  holds regular facilitation training, keep an eye out for our next available cohort. Follow the link below to fill out our form for more information.

Be a RACE TALKS Facilitator

Before joining RACE TALKS, I considered myself to be an ally. I considered myself to have an understanding of my privilege and associated responsibility to be an advocate and to hold a relatively thorough understanding of the impacts of racism on groups and individuals. Since becoming a RACE TALKS facilitator, I have learned much more than I had imagined was left to learn. I have come to recognize that there are deep and pervasive impacts and implications associated with racism in every aspect of my life, both personally and professionally. I realize that there are things I will never completely understand because I have never been exposed to racism on a direct personal level [because I am a white, cis man]. The learning experience has been painful, disorienting and has broken ground for growth that I haven’t always been prepared for. There is no way to adequately prepare for this work. I’m deeply grateful for all those who have opened themselves up to share their experiences and to all those who have challenged my self-image as a “woke” white person.

— Ken Hanson, RACE TALKS Facilitator since 2018

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