RACE TALKS: Uniting to Break the Chains of Racism

Filling the spaces between races with compassion, conversation, and education


Get to know RACE TALKS

RACE TALKS offers a safe space for respectful conversation.

  • LISTEN to each other with curiosity.
  • RESPECT differences. Agree to disagree.
  • SPEAK from the self and from the heart.
  • CONTRIBUTE honestly and positively.
  • Assume POSITIVE intent.
  • BE OPEN to new ideas.
  • You may experience DISCOMFORT.
  • RELAX & TRUST the process!

Progressive Stacking Order (PSO)

Progressive Stacking Order is a format that allows marginalized voices to be recognized and to speak first. Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) are the most marginalized people in America. Their voices are ignored in educational and professional settings, which are primarily white-dominant spaces.

Under this format, we decenter whiteness by using BIPOC as the order in which participants will speak: first Black folx, then Indigenous, then People of Color, and whites are last.

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Answer the eight question quiz below and count your “yes” answers to find out your RACE TALKS IQ. 


If you answered “yes” to 1-3 of the questions, you are at an introductory level. If you answered “yes” to 4-6 of the questions, you are at an intermediate level. If you answered “yes” to 7-8 of the questions, you are at an advanced level.

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For over a decade, RACE TALKS participants have asked us, ‘What can I do to be a better ally to the communities that I am not a part of?’ This is a question we’ve explored in many of our forums. We’ve come to understand that while white people are most often scrutinized for their Performative Activism, the reality is that anyone is capable of it.

“Your Privilege is Showing: How to Be a Better Ally By Dismantling Performative Activism” is a virtual workshop experience that will guide you through your own discussion group.

This series revisits past forums focusing on:

  • Allyship vs Performative Activism
  • Insight on updated models of how to dismantle Performative Activism
  • Be an accomplice in eradicating white supremacy and racism

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