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Business Services

RACE TALKS offers the following business services. If you prefer a service that is not listed, please specify in your service request form and we will be in touch soon!

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An interactive educational experience with panelist(s) or video presentation that focuses on a specific community or organizational concern; includes smaller breakout rooms with focused discussion; RACE TALKS facilitators may be requested for breakout rooms. Virtual, in-person, or hybrid are available.

There is a palpable level of commitment and order among the members, which speaks to the seriousness of the topic. The meeting was appropriate after the Derek Chauvin sentence was announced and I think that the panelists were from a wide range of community members and spoke to the struggle present in Portland today for the BIPOC community. The conversation is ongoing, but I agree with the request to defund the police and put the money to better use in the community.

City of Portland Community Forum “A Step Toward Justice: Where Do We Go From Here?” April 2021

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This is a virtual or in-person group discussion for up to 100 participants curated by RACE TALKS; one RACE TALKS facilitator is provided, and more available based on scope of conversation.

Race Talks allowed for an intentional space to have difficult, necessary, human conversations. Thank you for giving adults the skills to help others and children.

Buckman Elementary School- Wide Dinner and Conversations, February 24, 2021

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An interactive educational experience adapted from an existing RACE TALKS training and tailored for your organizational needs; or a unique training created for your organizational needs. Our training starts at a minimum of three hours.

Current Training Courses:

  • White Allyship 
  • What Are Your Earliest Memories of Race and Racism? 
  • Know Your Privilege
  • RACE TALKS Intro to Facilitation
  • Identifying and understanding the harmful, racist Words

This was an amazing event. Thank you so much for coming to speak with all of us. I definitely need and want to learn more about the racial history and history of injustices in Portland.

Lewis & Clark Fall 2020 New Student Orientation

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An abbreviated interactive training that focuses on a specific area of concern; includes smaller breakout rooms. Our workshops start at a minimum of one hour and will not exceed three hours. If longer time is needed, we recommend our Training option.

Current Workshop Courses:

  • Progressive Stacking Order 
  • Microaggressions

Donna, thank you so much. Thank you for the workshop. Thank you for sharing your very personal experiences with racism.

State of Oregon Employment Department, Personal Steps to Eliminating Racism, February 23, 2021

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All RACE TALKS facilitators have completed the RACE TALKS 21-hour introductory race dialogue training
and facilitated 100 hours or more at RACE TALKS community events, which includes in-person and virtual forums, or private training events.

Hire a RACE TALKS Facilitator to create a safe space that allows participants to engage in open conversation about a particular topic or concern(s). The facilitator assists participants with problem solving and planning next steps.

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