Your Privilege is Showing

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RACE TALKS: Uniting to Break the Chains of Racism Produced By Donna Maxey Presents

A special two-part series: RACE TALKS Forums Thursday, July 15th and August 19th: Summer Series: Your Privilege is Showing

Thursdays, July 15th and August 19th, Newcomers Welcome – 6:45 PM
Program Begins – 7:00 PM

Did you miss out on our July Forum? Here’s your chance to catch the pre-recorded self-guided video and host your very own RACE TALKS dialogue with your family and friends. Once you register, we will send out a link with the video and instructions. Thank you so much for contributing and helping to keep this work going.

Extended registration is open until August 18th.

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Register for the August Forum on August 19th.

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For over a decade, RACE TALKS participants have asked us, ‘What can I do to be a better ally to the communities that I am not a part of?’ This is a question we’ve explored in many of our forums. We’ve come to understand that while white people are most often scrutinized for their Performative Activism, the reality is that anyone is capable of it.

The 2021 RACE TALKS Summer Series is a virtual workshop experience that will guide you through your own discussion group with friends and family. Registration is required for this event. After you register, at the date and time of our virtual forum, we will send out an email with instructions on how you can participate.

The 2021 RACE TALKS Summer Series revisits past forums focusing on: Allyship vs Performative Activism, insight on updated models of how to dismantle Performative Activism, and how to be an accomplice in eradicating white supremacy and racism.