RACE TALKS: Uniting to Break the Chains of Racism

Filling the spaces between races with compassion, conversation, and education

White Ally Affinity

We invite community members who identify as White Allies to join us on the following days: We will engage in affinity conversations in a safe space for White Allies to discuss historical and contemporary issues through the lens of race and racism. In-person and virtual participation is available.

Working on this together in the group has drawn out how much more responsibility we have as white people to be in a process of continued self examination and focus on action. I felt the pull to put off the [group selected] readings and yet the accountability drew me back to the topics we had of white privilege and white fragility. I am more committed to keeping any defensiveness in check.

— White Ally Affinity Group, July 2021

DATES: February 2nd, May 4th, August 3rd, November 2nd.