October Forum: Engaging Democracy

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Have you wondered…How does our political process work? What do our officials and their staff do? How can I contact their offices? What are the best ways to impact their voting on an issue? How can I maximize my involvement and start my own referendum?

RACE TALKS in Review – October Live, Forum: Engaging Democracy

Thursday, October 21, 2021
Newcomer Welcome 6:46 pm, Program 7:00 pm
Suggested Donation $25
All Ages

Representation for all people—the privileged and oppressed—is crucial for our democracy to survive. We are calling on YOU to get involved and active. Join us for our fifth annual ENGAGING DEMOCRACY: Activating Government for YOU & your Community. Learn how to access:

  • Oregon’s government including the United States Congressional House and Senate offices; Oregon State Legislature; Multnomah County; Metro; and City of Portland.
  • Community Advocacy Groups and Coalitions who champion for policy changes and keep our elected officials accountable.
  • Meet BIPOC staffers from all offices, as well as APANO; Causa; Momentum Alliance; OPAL; NE Coalition of Neighborhoods; SE Uplift; Color PAC Action and more.
  • Engage with Featured Guests during breakout sessions.
  • Learn how you, too, can get involved and activated!