Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day rooted in the spirit of giving and being generous to others. For many of us, it is a reminder to be selfless in our actions and lead with kindness. 

Today you are receiving many asks, but ours is not for us. RACE TALKS is asking our supporters – You – to give generously and selflessly to someone in need. We are seeking financial support for a Black community leader, Ibrahim Mubarak, whose family is facing eviction. Below you can read more about Ibrahim and how he has dedicated his life’s purpose to eradicating homelessness in Portland, Oregon, which is experiencing an unprecedented rise in houselessness. To learn more about this crisis, please check out our November forum, Houseless in Portlandia:

This pandemic has been hard on all of us, but for Ibrahim and his family, it has been especially hard. In the past six months, Ibrahim found himself traveling to and from Chicago to help care for his ailing mother, who sadly succumbed to COVID. The cost of travel and other expenses caused him to fall behind on rent.  While their landlord has been patient, the rent is now five months past due and with the state’s rent moratorium being lifted, they are facing eviction. To worsen matters, Ibrahim was in an accident that totaled his car and he is recovering from a concussion and other related physical injuries. 

Our goal is simple: we are raising $10,000 to help Ibrahim’s family avoid eviction; this will pay the past due balance and provide them three additional months rent to get back on their feet. We have raised $600.00 so far.

We can hit this goal if we each ask 10 friends to match our individual donation. Here’s a script you can post on your social media or send to friends and family via text; or go old school: call and read the script!  Be sure to tag @racetalksofficial or use the hashtag #RACETALKSPDX on your posts.


For Giving Tuesday I am helping my favorite anti-racism organization, RACE TALKS: Uniting to Break the Chains of Racism raise money to help a Black community leader avoid eviction. I am pledging (enter your dollar amount) and am asking 10 people to match my donation. Please read my post for more information about this important direct action of service. Send your donation to RACE TALKS <> or via PayPal <>. 

This is a tax-deductible donation. Please dig deep and give generously. RACE TALKS is collecting donations at our website Please ask 10 people to match your donation.

Ibrahim B Mubarak, is a renowned leader in the Activist Community for over 25 years. As a champion for Houseless Rights, he has dedicated himself to improving the many struggles of the disenfranchised and Houseless Community. Ibrahim, Co- founded Dignity Village in the late 1990’s and in 2010, on World Houseless Awareness Day, he Co- founded along with other members of Right 2 Survive, a rest area called Right 2 Dream Too.

In 2009, Ibrahim founded Right 2 Survive, a group made up of Houseless, formerly Houseless People and their allies and supporters, to educate the Houseless about the unjust laws established to criminalize the Houseless Communities for exercising their Civil, Constitutional and Human Rights. Since then he has held various board positions including: Chairperson, VP, and Outreach Coordinator for many powerful organizations.

Thank you,

Donna Maxey, Founder/ED of RACE TALKS