RACE TALKS Facilitator Training

RACE TALKS is working hard to train the next generation of leaders and facilitators. We’re making it a priority to empower youth with the skills and tools they’ll need to tackle discussions around race, social justice, and more whether they are in class, in their church, or in the broader community. That’s why for this training, the last in a series of four, preference will be given to youth applicants, 17-24 years old. 

The training is completely free (valued at $500) and the application process is open to all with focus on high school and college students. Prior experience is preferred, but not mandatory, so please encourage your friends to apply.

The application deadline is April 1st, 2019 at 11:59pm.

About the Training:

The training dates are April 12-14, 2019.

The facilitator training is a weekend intensive training beginning on Friday evening, April 12th, 6pm-9pm; continuing on Saturday, April 13th, 8:30am-5:30pm; and finishing on Sunday, April 14th, 8:30am-5:30pm. There is space for 15 participants. Ten spaces in this April cohort are reserved for Youth participants, ages 17-24.

Basic facilitation and mediation practices are preferred, but not mandatory. The training will consist of important traits for facilitators; tangible skills for facilitation; and knowledge, framework, and theories for successful facilitation.

The training is free to you. In return, we ask for a one-year commitment to facilitate one RACE TALKS dialogue per month for a year. You can fulfill this by participating as a facilitator at our monthly RACE TALKS or facilitate your own monthly group. Whichever you decide, we will offer support to you for the year.

RACE TALKS offers a unique monthly space for community members to convene on a shared topic of interest; listen to panel experts or watch a film; engage in discussion about the topic; and encouragement to get actively involved with organizations that work with the topic presented. The topics and discussions always focus on RACE and how the issues of racism, equity, and inclusion are present or absent.


Information you provide will assist the Training Team in helping you gain the skills and knowledge to enable you to embark on your journey to becoming a certified RACE TALKS Dialogue Facilitator.

We encourage you to complete the application online.

A reminder: the deadline to apply is April 1, 2019 at 11:59pm. Applicants who are ages 17-24 will be given priority consideration to participate. We’ll be notifying applicants of their application status by February 23rd. We encourage you to mark and hold April 12-14th on your calendar, presuming that you will be selected.  If you don’t hear from us by April, please send an email to racetalks01@gmail.com to confirm your status.


If an online submission is not possible, please download, fill out, print, and mail your registration to RACE TALKS, P.O. BOX 28011, Portland, OR 97228.

Selection Process:

Spots are limited. Only 15 applicants will be selected. Applicants are selected through a double blind selection process:

  1. First, substantive answers will be read anonymously
  2. Next, substantive answers will be reviewed with corresponding demographic information to ensure cohorts’ diversity of ethnicity, gender, age, ability, etc.

If you have any questions in completing this form, contact Shaina Pomerantz at 510-595-7277 (vm or text) or (email) racetalks01@gmail.com.