DACA, Licenses & the Wall

Join us for a panel discussion July 2019: DACA, Licenses & the Wall With Indigenous Americans now accounting for only two percent of the total population, the U.S. is truly a nation of immigrants. Since 1886, the iconic Statue of Liberty has stood as a symbol of mass immigration to our shores. A plaque at

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August 13th Implications of RACE & WATER September 10th Do Black Lives Really Matter? October 8th Falling Through the Cracks: POC & Healthcare November 12th Respecting Indigenous treaties, Lands and Waters

The Effects of Racism on Mental Health

Join us for a panel discussion June 2019: The Effects of Racism on Mental Health What effects do racist incidences have on the short-term and long-term mental and physical well-being of targeted groups? Join us as we screen the segment “Place Matters” from the 2008 PBS series Unnatural Causes followed by a discussion with Shea


RACE TALKS videos now online Videos are now available to watch and share from all RACE TALKS events in 2019 from January – May. Watch now. Contact us if you have questions or suggestions about the upcoming program or the series in general.

Overt Racism During Black History Month

Join us for a panel discussion May 2019: COINCIDENTAL or INTENTIONAL in 2019? Overt Racism During Black History Month February 2019 was Black History Month. With it came a barrage of racially inflammatory incidences including: Major fashion houses highlighting “Black face” caricatures on their fashions at runway shows; mail order “Black face” shoes from a

Houseless in Portlandia

Join us for a panel discussion April 2019: HOUSELESS IN PORTLANDIA Late in 2018, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development presented its annual report on homelessness to Congress. Oregon ranks near the top of states in terms of the percentage of its homeless/houseless population that are living “unsheltered,” i.e. on the streets, in

Training the Next Generation of Leaders

RACE TALKS is working hard to train the next generation of leaders and facilitators. We’re making it a priority to empower youth with the skills and tools they’ll need to tackle discussions around race, social justice, and more whether they are in class, in their church, or in the broader community. That’s why for this


Join us for a panel discussion November 2018: OVERTURNING MARIJUANA CONVICTIONS: Equitizing Marijuana Convictions for the Poor and People of Color In the past, many people were arrested for minor possession and smoking marijuana. A major portion of those arrested were the poor and People of Color, particularly African Americans. Mike Schmidt, Director of the

Tragedy on the MAX

Join us for a panel discussion October 2018: TRAGEDY ON THE MAX: ONE YEAR LATER At tonight’s RACE TALKS, we’ll feature an in-depth discussion on the state of Portland one year after the tragedy that shook our city. After a screening of the A&E series Divided States: Portland, which profiled the attack, the audience will