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Overt Racism During Black History Month

Join us for a panel discussion May 2019:

COINCIDENTAL or INTENTIONAL in 2019? Overt Racism During Black History Month

February 2019 was Black History Month. With it came a barrage of racially inflammatory incidences including:

Are these coincidental or intentionally triggering acts? What trends are surfacing in the public today as Black African Americans are being reported to the police for carrying out everyday activities “#WhileBlack”. Hear experts talk about the trend of overt action taking place in our society today toward People of Color and what are its implications and ramifications for the future. View examples of racism on the attached list, and decide for yourself whether these are COINCIDENTAL OR INTENTIONAL.


Dr. James Mason, former Chief Diversity Officer, Providence Hospital

Jeff Selby, President, AIW Creative: Marketing, Communications & Consulting

Britton Taylor, Executive, Weiden & Kennedy Advertising Agency

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

McMenamins Kennedy School Gym

5736 NE 33rd Ave., Portland | Phone: 503-249-3983

Doors open at 6pm
Newcomers Welcome: 6:45pm
Program: 6:45pm – 9:15pm

Free | Minor with parent or guardian

RACE TALKS is a free series co-sponsored by Donna Maxey (Founder/Director of RACE TALKS), World Arts Foundation, Resolutions Northwest, and McMenamins.

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Higher rates of gun deaths, incarceration, educational disadvantages, poor health, healthcare disparaties,  unemployment, shorter term of employment are but a few of the many issues that effect People of Color, POC, in America. These issues coupled with the systemic racism in the United States cause POC to have higher rates of mental and physical health issues, but few studies are normed on POC that delineate these disparaties or provide support systems geared to support POC. Hear African American, Asian, Latinx and Native American mental health experts discuss the issues effecting their respective communities; what they all have in common; and solutions to this rising crisis in America.

We look forward to you joining us. Bring a friend!

Contact us if you have questions or suggestions about the upcoming program or the series in general.